Meet Elliot!

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Elliot, our fantastic Waterfront Manager in Samos this summer! Elliot writes:

“Hi there, I’m Elliot and this summer I’m so excited to be coming back to Richmond Holidays as the Samos Waterfront Manager. Off the water, I’m a chartered accountant, living in Nottingham with my wife Emily and our cat Molly. Unsurprisingly, I love being in the water be it windsurfing, sailing, paddleboarding or power boating but if I’m not at the beach you might find me skiing, snowboarding, playing hockey, or drinking coffee at any of my favourite cafes in Beeston.”

Read on to learn about what Elliot is looking forward to this summer and how we can be praying for him before the season starts!

Hold up, you look familiar! Have you been here before?

Spotted! I first worked for Richmond in 2014 straight out of school on the Internship programme [now the Fast Track Programme]. I originally signed up for the programme desperate for a ski season with a Christian company and knowing that I could probably survive living in Greece the other half of the year… As soon as I arrived in Samos though, I was hooked! From day one, I fell in love with the island and all it had to offer.

Sounds wonderful! What are some of your favourite memories of working for Richmond previously?

Having worked over three separate summers, as well as a full winter, I have so many core memories formed across the seasons. Top of the list probably has to be getting engaged to Emily (pictured below!) in Samos in 2017, but the countless moments of joy in the everyday of season life are what make Richmond so special. From watching our guests blast around the bay on a breezy afternoon to sunset beach picnics, there is nothing I love more than flicking through pictures from my times with Richmond and remembering the excitement that every day in Samos can bring!

We’d love to hear about your faith journey!

I have walked with Jesus for as long as I can remember, having been brought up in a home and family that loved God and loved church and weren’t shy about showing it. I spent my formative years as part of wonderful children’s church groups, Christian camps, and youth groups learning more about my faith and what it means to know Jesus.

The seasons of life have come and gone, and there have certainly been mountains and valleys since, but the firm foundation of my relationship with God has been ever present. The challenge of a global pandemic has been one that I know I haven’t been alone in wrestling with and I am so excited to return to Samos, a place where I can always feel my faith soar and my soul rejoice.

What are some of the things you’re most excited about when it comes to being in Samos this summer?

Where to begin…?! Above all I am so excited to get back out teaching people to sail and windsurf on some of the amazing kit that Richmond has to offer, alongside a stellar team, each and every one of whom I know is going to do an amazing job. I also cannot wait to meet old and new friends alike and re-connect with all of the fantastic staff and guests I have met through my time with Richmond.

My perfect day in Samos would probably have to include lunch at Loukas taverna up in Manolates, an afternoon spent exploring the waterfalls in Potami, and a sun downer cocktail in the harbour at Kokkari. However, nothing beats watching the amazing sunsets over Mykali Bay sat up on the terrace chatting about another fantastic day out on the water.

What are your hopes for those who join you in Samos this summer?

Holidays for me are about ending the week more refreshed and revitalised than when you arrived, but that doesn’t always mean a week of catching up on sleep (although I have been known to have those holidays as well!). I hope and pray that each and every one of you who visits us out in Samos can come away from your week feeling physically, spiritually, and mentally uplifted from your time in resort and returns back to the UK just counting down the days until you can come again next year!

I am so excited to find out how we as a team can make sure you get the most out of your time with us: if a holiday for you means wall-to-wall sailing, biking, and tennis then we will have all of that on offer, but if holiday also means community, fellowship, and milkshakes at the pool bar then we can definitely make that happen too.

How can we pray for you before the season starts?

I am writing this from the other side of the world so safe travels and a chance to rest and recuperate myself before the season starts would be a wonderful prayer request! I would also appreciate prayer for wisdom and courage as I prepare to lead the waterfront, and as ever safety for each and every person who comes and enjoys the fantastic activities we have to offer.

Huge thanks to Elliot for sharing with us today!

Are you interested in joining us (and Elliot!) this summer? We’re so looking forward to a summer full of fellowship, time spent in the bay, gorgeous weather and fantastic Greek hospitality. We’d love to welcome you to Samos!


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