For Friends & Couples

Richmond holidays are great if you are travelling with friends or as a couple. There are so many fun times and memorable experiences to be shared!

Friendship and fellowship is central to our holidays. The evenings in our resorts are particularly geared toward this as our guests go down to dinner together after the ministry meetings, where you can mingle and chat over a delicious meal. After dinner we also run some optional evening entertainments, which may involve a team quiz, games or dancing. Our Resort Staff are also there to welcome and look after you during your holiday and often become good friends by the time you leave!

One of the key focuses on a Richmond holiday is the variety of activities on offer during the holiday. From active to relaxed, over the week there are many different activities, of which you can join in as much or as little as you like, to make your holiday right for you and your partner or friend. The great thing about Richmond is that it caters for different tastes – for example, you can stay by the pool and your partner can enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled morning sailing the catamaran, then you can enjoy lunch in the pool-side taverna before whatever afternoon activity awaits you! Why not take a look at our list of themed programmes available over the winter and summer?

If you are travelling as a couple or as friends, in addition to times of community, there are also opportunities to spend time just together. In the winter this could be going skiing by yourselves or in the summer this could be kayaking around pretty Mykali shoreline on the hunt for the elusive terrapins!

Even if you are travelling with friends, our holidays are always a brilliant opportunity to make new ones!

As you get to know the other guests over dinner, during ministry times or while out and about on excursions or activities, there’s no doubt you’ll leave as friends. We now have a few large groups of guests who first met on one of our Christian holidays and have since come every year together on a Richmond holiday!

If you have any questions then please contact one of our dedicated Holiday Consultants who will guide you through what we have to offer, dates, prices and the best room arrangements to suit your party.