Let’s get to know our Samos Assistant Managers!

We are so enjoying hearing from the Samos 2023 Richmond Team! We’ve previously heard from Debbie and Will, our Samos Managers, as well as Elliot, who will be managing the Waterfront this summer. Today, we are delighted to be introducing Emily and Hannah, our brilliant Assistant Managers!

Both of these fantastic team members will be contributing so much to the season ahead, with Hannah focussing on you (our wonderful guests!), and Emily having a team welfare-focussed role (as well as being part of the Waterfront team!).

Let’s get to know Emily (below left) and Hannah (below right) a bit more 😄

Please introduce yourselves! We’d love to learn a little about who you are


Hi everyone, I’m Emily! I’m really excited to be returning to Samos this summer as one of the Assistant Resort Managers and a Dinghy Instructor on the Waterfront. Normally, I work as a doctor and live in Beeston, Nottingham with my husband Elliot [Samos Waterfront Manager 2023, pictured below left] and our gorgeous cat Molly. 


Hello! I’m Hannah, I’m 25, I’m a total foodie and lover of summer, especially in Greece! Although I’m convinced I’m a Southerner, I grew up in the Lake District and have since lived and worked in Bournemouth, Brighton and most recently Bristol (all the B’s!!) as well as doing seasons with Richmond in the Alps and here in Samos. Last year I fell in love with a man who happens to live in Samos [pictured below, right] and so I’m actually already out here having a little holiday pre-season and plan to make Samos my home in the future. 

What are some of the things you’re most excited about this summer?


We have an absolutely amazing team lined up to serve you in Samos this summer, and I’m so excited to work with all of them and watch how each and every one of us grows in our work and faith throughout the season. We also have some great new kit for the Waterfront this summer which I’m looking forward to getting out and teaching people on. I’m also really looking forward to catching up with guests and ministry leaders from previous seasons and getting to know loads of lovely new faces too! 


I’ve worked for Richmond 4 times before, doing a mix of both ski and Samos and they were all hands down the best months of my life.

I’m so excited to meet all our lovely guests and to hopefully see some familiar faces this summer! It’s always such a blessing to simply be surrounded by church family and to have great fellowship together. Likewise, I’m so excited to be working with the gorgeous Emily and Elliot again after 6 years! I also can’t wait to meet the rest of the team and to be led by our wonderful managers Will and Debbie and for us to become a big resort team family.

I hope that I can bring my slightly more in-depth knowledge of the island to you, our wonderful guests, whether that’s giving recommendations for great beaches/restaurants and coffee spots, or encouraging you to get involved in some of our excursions. This island has so much to offer!

Would you like to share a little of your faith journey with us?


Throughout my childhood, I spent one amazing week every summer at a West Runton Holidays Christian activity camp and became a Christian there when I was 15. In my GCSE and A Level years, I went to their Easter revision and watersports camps where my faith (and sailing ability!) developed even more. I was so lucky to have incredible Christian leaders, role models, and friends at both those camps who helped me through the early stages of my faith.

I struggled through trying to semi-regularly go to church by myself when back at home before coming to work for Richmond in the summer of my gap year. I feel extremely lucky to have got to experience the ‘church’ that is the Richmond team, ministry leaders, and guests in Samos before heading to University where I found some amazing Christian friends and a wonderful new church plant. A really difficult family loss and starting work definitely knocked me sideways, and I am so excited to return to one of the places I feel God the most in his beautiful creation in Samos.  


I was raised in a wonderful supportive Christian family and was baptised at the age of 13. I grew up going to Soul Survivor every year which was a huge part of my faith journey as a teen – seeing God move and learning to hear God’s voice was so exciting to me and still is!

As an adult, having moved around a lot I’ve church-hopped quite a bit which is a shame as I’d love to have settled but I’ve been so fortunate to have worked on Christian seasons abroad with not only Richmond but Altitude Mission too and I cherish those times so much. I love small groups and over the last 10 years have been so blessed by the friendships, spiritual growth and accountability that they have provided. I’m so looking forward to growing my faith over this coming season and getting into prayer on the beach routine each morning.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


Luckily for me, some of my favourite things to do are sailing, trying to windsurf (badly), reading a good book in the sun, and spending quality time with friends with a glass of wine in hand – so this summer is going to be the dream! When not in sunny climes that changes to skiing and vin chaud or chats with my lovely friends in our favourite coffee shops in Beeston. 


I like to think I’m unpredictable but actually, I can guarantee that in my free time in Samos, you will find me in Two Spoons – a gorgeous coffee and pastry house in Pyth where you eat under the olive trees. It’s sublime. If not there, then one of my other favourite foodie spots (Cavos in Kokkari or Pergamonto in Pyth). I honestly love sunbathing and Samos has so many gorgeous beaches to explore so when I’m not eating, I’ll be on a beach. Probably still eating!

I love taking photos, I crochet (and have a few summery projects on the go) and also have my own sustainable, body-positive swimwear brand called ‘Palm & Kini’ so I’m loving having a gorgeous Greek island as a backdrop for my photoshoots!

What do you hope everyone will take away from their holiday?


Returning guests will know what an incredible place the Samos resort is: from the beautiful Zefiros Beach Hotel and Mykali Bay, to the wonderful Waterfront, bikes, tennis court, and daily activities, to the amazing family culture that is created every week. We can’t wait to welcome you back – or welcome you for the first time – and hope your holiday in Samos is exactly what you need it to be. Whether that is packing absolutely everything in or relaxing as much as you can, we hope we can give you a holiday that refreshes you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


I honestly just hope that all of our guests are able to fully relax and sink into the slow Greek pace of island life, and immerse themselves in ministry and fellowship with like-minded people and really feel refreshed. And I’m excited to be one of the team members that will help to facilitate all of this. 

How can we pray for you before the season starts?


I’m excited to be taking on a new role as one of the Assistant Resort Managers this year alongside my role as a Dinghy Instructor on the Waterfront and would really appreciate prayer that I can split my time and do both jobs really well. Leaving friends and family (and our lovely cat Molly!) for extended periods of time is always difficult so prayer against homesickness and for settling into our new resort family would be really appreciated. 


I would LOVE some prayer at the moment as I’m navigating living in Greece and weirdly for the first time ever I’m actually feeling quite homesick. It’s not a familiar feeling for me, so just that I would settle into what God has for me here and that I would have His peace. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which was a bit of a curveball(!) and so that’s been making life a bit more difficult so I would love prayer for that and that I would manage it well and not be overwhelmed. Thank you so much.

Huge thanks to Emily and Hannah for sharing with us today.

We are so excited about the upcoming summer season and we hope to see you there! If you’d like a quote, please simply click “Book Now” at the top of this page and one of our Friendly Holiday Consultants will be in touch!


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  1. Alan Westwood

    Very pleased to hear from you both and to learn a little of your background. I’m looking forward to being with you June 15 – 29. This will be my first holiday since my wife, of 58 years, Janet, died in June 2021. We had a holiday in Samos some years ago (I think 15), staying in Samos Town. I particularly remember a very special day when we took a boat to Patmos. My journey (brief version!) is that I was a scientist. In 1981 , following God’s clear call, I became a Baptist minister. I served for 23 years, which included 3 years in Malawi. My son and daughter-in-law live in East Leake and my daughter and son-in-law live nearby in Droitwich. I have 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, so I am greatly blessed. But of course losing one’s wife is a major and life-changing experience.

    I look forward to fellowship with you all and experiencing the delights of Samos.
    Alan Westwood.

    PS My son and daughter-in-law were both at Nottingham U. Several of my daughter’s family studied in Bristol (Bristol U and UWE) . We have had lots of connection with Bristol over the years and 2 granddaughters live there now. it sound like we have a lot in common with yourselves.

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