Art Programme

20 JUNE 2024

Location: Samos, Greece

Unleash your artistic side this summer! Improve and fine tune your painting and photography skills during our Art Programme on the stunning island of Samos.

The inspirational colours and scenes of our Samos resort provide the perfect setting to get those creative juices flowing! This week is designed to be a relaxed, easy way to try out a new skill or enjoy an existing hobby in good company and with a friendly and knowledgeable leader.

Develop your painting skills while taking in the vibrant colours and stunning landscapes of Samos.

Capture landscapes and life drawings with just a set of pencils and a sketch pad.

Whether you own a camera-phone or digital camera, we will teach you the basics of how to compose and edit beautiful photos.

Just to note… You will need to bring equipment and supplies for the sessions you want to be involved with. Depending on your interests, this may include a camera phone; a compact/bridge/SLR/mirrorless camera; an A4 or A5 size sketch book; a set of pencils (HB to 4B) plus rubber, ruler and sharpener; an A4 (or any size) multimedia pad or watercolour pad; watercolour paints and brushes (and/or acrylics); ink pen(s).

Your Art Programme will be led by the engaging and talented Jerry Foster-Turner. Jerry is a natural encourager and whether you are new to photography and art or have been doing it for years, he’ll help you to enjoy your holiday and progress your skills.

You are welcome to join in with some or all Jerry’s sessions. You may also choose, of course, to simply enjoy expressing your personal creativity whilst on the beautiful island of Samos. The exact content will be bespoke to the needs of the group and sessions may include portraits, landscapes, still life, action and wildlife.

Jerry Foster-Turner

I create pieces through a variety of media. I love interpreting what I see, using pencils and colours. I also enjoy composing and capturing interesting photographs, seeking out angles and views that maybe are not the most obvious. This week will be all about sharing the joy of being creative in a beautiful place.

Art Programme Supplement

£ 50
  • Transportation to off-site art locations included
  • Great for all levels and experience
  • Take home your artworks
  • Tuituion and guidance from our friendly programme leader
  • Fun and fellowship with like-minded people