18 - 25s Programme

11 JULY 2024

Sailing catamarans, iced coffees by the sea, outdoor cinema trips, paddleboarding and more - the perfect mix of activity and rest to leave you feeling truly refreshed!

Quite simply, this is a programme of activities that is aimed at young adults aged 18-25. Come along as friends, solo travellers or families with young adults and start your summer the right way by travelling to the gorgeous and largely undiscovered island of Samos!

There is so much on offer in Samos, with a whole range of activities provided by our Activities Rep and Watersports Team. You’ll have so much to do with regular bike rides, kayak trips to hidden beaches, stretch/exercise classes on the hotel terrace, day trips to amazing locations, late night worship sessions on the beach and evening trips to an outdoor cinema, you might need more than a week to pack it all in! 

Ministry is available on all of our holidays, making it the perfect holiday for young adults looking to spend time with and be encouraged by other Christians! However, everyone is welcome and the ministry is completely optional. This is your holiday to enjoy as you wish!

While there will be guests of all ages in the resort, our 18-25s programme is reserved exclusively for those within that age range.