Our Ministry

We understand that holidays can often be used as a time to get away from the demands and stresses of everyday life, but we believe one thing that holidays should never be a break from is our Christian relationship with God.

In fact, we believe a time away of fun and relaxation is actually the perfect opportunity to grow deeper with our awesome loving God in the setting of his beautiful creation.

We have heard many examples of how a Richmond holiday can be a life-changing experience for some guests who were seeking the time to reflect or make tough decisions or needing respite from difficult situations or circumstances. At the same time our holidays are just as valuable for those looking for an exciting and restful time away in our beautiful destinations, serving as a reminder of how great and gracious God is. We’re thankful for the wonderful feedback we’ve received from many of our guests after returning from a Richmond holiday.

This is our ministry at Richmond and our aim is to have God at the centre of all we do; in the running of each holiday at our resorts, in our planning and preparation and in our visions for the future.

Our Office and Resort Staff make time to gather round God’s Word each day to learn and to pray for the guests in our resorts, for each other and for the tasks we face ahead.

Ministry outside in the French Alps

Ministry in our Resorts

Each day in resort we hold times of prayer, praise and Bible-teaching for guests. This includes an optional prayer meeting each morning with a short devotional, and then later in the evening there is an informal meeting of roughly 45 minutes before dinner with time for praying, singing praise, and with more in-depth teaching from God’s Word. You don’t have to go to the meetings, as everything on our holidays is optional, but we hope you will find these times useful in encouraging, challenging and strengthening you in your faith.

A dedicated ministry leader joins us each week to host the various ministry sessions. They are also available to chat and pray with during your holiday. The Richmond Ministry Team are from a range of denominational backgrounds: to find out more about specific leaders for your holiday week, or to help decide when to come, you can read their profiles.

The ministry meetings are not the only source of Christian input on our holidays. Our holidays encourage and inspire; in particular our friendly and servant-hearted resort teams aspire to be Christ-like in all they do. Our teams make every effort to pray for each of our guests by name, that God may impact and enrich the lives of everyone during their holiday.