“As usual it was the staff who made it special. I also have to praise the Richmond chef for the excellent food all week. ”

Yee Gan Ski, January 2013

“We have had a fabulous holiday, all members of our family have been busy, felt relaxed and made friends. It is a very special place with special people. Thank you!”

Kenyon Family Samos: Greece, July 2014

“Your staff are a dream team; personable, caring and efficient. Overall a fantastic experience once again. ”

Tony & Tricia Owen Reberty Village, January 2013

“We were particularly impressed with the teens workers - thank you. Such excellent role models for young people”

John Sear Samos: Greece, August 2014

“The team here at Samos are amazing, they are so thoughtful and kind and their Christian faith shines brightly”

Ann Bradbury Samos: Greece, July 2014

“I have enjoyed all the organised activities and excursions, as well as being able to learn to sail. The atmosphere and staff were very inclusive”

Rebekah Austin-Sparks Samos: Greece, June 2014

“We all had an amazing week at Reberty - every aspect of the holiday was near perfect. It is our pleasure to give thanks for being made so welcome and so looked after in a wonderful location.”

The Scott Family Reberty Village, February 2013

“I really liked how sociable it was. As a single mother I never felt alone and I was particularly impressed that the team learnt mine and my children’s names so quickly”

Arlene Greenwood Samos: Greece, August 2014

“We had a fantastic ski holiday and very much appreciated the good organisation both in the UK and resort. It was my very first time ever skiing – I will be 60 next year – and I can ski!!”

Tricia & Bruce Williamson Ski, March 2013

“Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. There really isn’t any other holiday company to compare with you”

Sue Guckenheim Samos: Greece, June 2014

“The team looked after us superbly - it was a truly, truly fantastic trip. With a common aim and shared experience the group bonded really well. Many thanks. ”

Richard Davidson Summer, July 2013

“What a fantastic week we had in Reberty. The team you have there couldn’t have been more welcoming, friendly or helpful. Nothing was too much for any of them and the food was fantastic.”

Jacqueline & Paul Lander Reberty Village, February 2013

“Very sociable, lots to do, good food and very helpful staff”

Roger Green Samos: Greece, August 2014

“A truly wonderful holiday. The children were very happy, and therefore we were! Unspoilt area, beautiful hotel and great Richmond staff. Meals all cooked for me and no clearing up! ”

Emma Lockhart Samos: Greece, August 2014

“Now that I am home I feel like a changed person. I want to encourage others to go on a Richmond Holiday so they will have a blessed time like I did”

Mel Pinner Summer, August 2013

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