“I have never been on a holiday like this before and was really suprised how easy it was to make new friends”

Lucy Jackson Samos: Greece, June 2013

“I had a fantastic week away in Samos with Richmond. I went as a single guest and was so included in everything I never felt lonely! The watersports were fantastic, the ministry thoughtful and the evening activities varied and fun.  ”

Melanie Hall Samos: Greece, August 2013

“Very sociable, lots to do, good food and very helpful staff”

Roger Green Samos: Greece, August 2014

“This holiday is the nearest to heaven on earth, great sailing, great ministry, great fellowship and staff who exemplify the love of Jesus”

Margaret Martin Samos: Greece, June 2014

“I have enjoyed all the organised activities and excursions, as well as being able to learn to sail. The atmosphere and staff were very inclusive”

Rebekah Austin-Sparks Samos: Greece, June 2014

“The team looked after us superbly - it was a truly, truly fantastic trip. With a common aim and shared experience the group bonded really well. Many thanks. ”

Richard Davidson Summer, July 2013

“It was great meeting new people and making new friends, the Richmond staff were very friendly and professional and I really enjoyed the encouraging talks in the evenings. Thanks for a super holiday!”

Caroline Beasley Samos: Greece, June 2013

“Dave & Jenny were fantastic walking leaders who really looked after us”

Amanda Pearson Summer, July 2013

“It was a fantastic tour. There was so much to see, do, learn and reflect on. My brain had a complete rest from my usual pressures which did make it a holiday. Overall another excellent holiday”

Sally & Stephen Bailey Israel Tours, June 2013

“Your staff are a dream team; personable, caring and efficient. Overall a fantastic experience once again. ”

Tony & Tricia Owen Reberty Village, January 2013

“The walking week was excellently planned to show the variety of the walks in the area.”

Sarah Weal Summer, July 2013

“We all had an amazing week at Reberty - every aspect of the holiday was near perfect. It is our pleasure to give thanks for being made so welcome and so looked after in a wonderful location.”

The Scott Family Reberty Village, February 2013

“Richmond holidays have continued to deliver excellent holidays. Samos is a special place. I loved the peace, fellowship, fun, the team, food.”

Ann Grant Samos: Greece, May 2013

“The staff were truly outstanding throughout the week. The food was great and the ministry was a real joy. A truly excellent team of special people for whom nothing was too much trouble.”

Richard Walton Ski, February 2013

“We have just returned from an amazing trip to Israel. Your tour guides are outstanding and we marvelled at their depth of knowledge.”

Rosemary Chestnutt Israel Tours, May 2013

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