“Best Holiday Ever!”

David Kelso (14) Children and Teens clubs, July 2012

“...booking was simple and help/info from the office staff was great.”

Susan Macafee Equipment Hire, March 2012

“I enjoyed the fish picnic so much that I went twice!.”

Ruth Rees Trogir: Croatia, September 2012

“It was very humbling to be taken such good care off. They all really did go the extra mile and beyond to ensure we were well looked after.”

David Vail Samos: Greece, September 2011

“The ski guiding was excellent and my skiing has improved no end (thanks to a few tips from your ski guide!).”

Helen Grote Ski Guiding, February 2012

“We were like one big family!”

Alison Allen Bodrum: Turkey, June 2012

“The love, care and fun was supplied in bucket-loads by the Richmond staff.”

Peter and Suzy Andrews Bodrum: Turkey, June 2012

“The sunshine was amazing, food great and good fellowship with all.”

Helen Metcalfe Trogir: Croatia, August 2012

“..it was beyond incredible! The hotel, the food, the windsurf, the sun, the sea and beach were wonderful.”

Jessica Griffiths Samos: Greece, July 2011

“I was a single guest and was so included in everything. Thank you!”

Melanie Hall Samos: Greece, August 2013

“The ski guiding helped us to get around the massive 3 Valleys area with confidence, and explore places which we may not have got to on our own, without ever needing to look at the piste map.”

Catherine Matthews Ski Guiding, March 2012

“They managed to make it feel like being at home with a group of friends while maintaining the highest standards of care that I’ve had on a holiday.”

Natalie Worsfold & family Sainte Foy, January 2012

“The atmosphere and friendship was exceptionally good.”

Sue & Richard Jones Samos: Greece, September 2012

“I loved the care and attention the staff paid to ensuring that we all had a good time.”

Heather Reberty Village, April 2012

“Richmond has all the factors that make a fantastic holiday!”

Ed Jackson Samos: Greece, June 2013

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Quality Christian Holidays

Welcome to Richmond in Samos this Summer 

We have something to suit every taste, interest and ideal! Come as a solo traveller, with your church or social group, with friends or families. Our holidays are for everyone from all walks of life, with various Christian backgrounds or none at all, for the youngest to the oldest and for those who want an adventure or peaceful getaway.

You’ll be welcomed into a friendly, relaxing and safe environment where you can totally unwind and enjoy yourself in fabulous parts of the world.

Richard, Adam and the Team


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