“Your staff in England made the preparations enjoyable, booking the holiday, ordering ski kits...”

Tricia Owen Equipment Hire, April 2011

“Hermione and her team were fantastic and clearly seemed to enjoy their work and working together and they were the best team I have ever seen in a chalet.”

Nersen Pillay Reberty Village, March 2011

“The perfect recipe for a wonderful Richmond holiday!”

The Wright Family Trogir: Croatia, August 2013

“...A fantastic week which gave a perfect balance of teaching of technique and practicals which was suitable for all levels of ability...” "

Rebecca Summer, June 2010

“We loved it so much we would like to go back next year.”

Minashi Family Sainte Foy, December 2012

“...You have a gift for helping even the most nervous beginner gain confidence. Your sense of humour is brilliant and you have made me laugh so much.”

Sally Summer, June 2010

“..the combination of attention to detail and being accepted as a single parent.”

Jane Says Alpe d’Huez: France, August 2012

“The most difficult thing was to tear myself away from the course to visit the island. Thank you for making my holiday so enjoyable...” "

Keith Summer, June 2010

“Aspat is a very beautiful location with a superb waterfront for watersports, and it is somewhere we would like to return to.”

Paton Family Bodrum: Turkey, August 2012

“It was Alex and Trish who really gave the holiday the extra special feel. (Croatia 2012)”

Joy Williams Malta, September 2012

“The consistently excellent teamwork, and the fact that you seem to bring out the very best in your staff, allowing them to thrive and bless others, must be down to keeping God at the centre of all you do.”

Sue Paton Bodrum: Turkey, August 2012

“The staff, both at Richmond Office and in Resort really cared we had a good time.”

S & J Pratt Alpe d’Huez, February 2012

“The Richmond staff team here is outstanding and excellently led by Hermione.”

John and Marje Bryant Bodrum: Turkey, June 2012

“Keep up the good work! When I am 18 I would love to do a season.”

David Paisly (16) Children and Teens clubs, August 2012

“The sunshine was amazing, food great and good fellowship with all.”

Helen Metcalfe Trogir: Croatia, August 2012

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Quality Christian Holidays

Welcome to Richmond in Samos this Summer 

We have something to suit every taste, interest and ideal! Come as a solo traveller, with your church or social group, with friends or families. Our holidays are for everyone from all walks of life, with various Christian backgrounds or none at all, for the youngest to the oldest and for those who want an adventure or peaceful getaway.

You’ll be welcomed into a friendly, relaxing and safe environment where you can totally unwind and enjoy yourself in fabulous parts of the world.

Richard, Adam and the Team


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