Multisport Adventure Programme

08 JUNE 2023

Welcome to our first Multisport Adventure programme! This resort-based programme led by Matthew Brearley and Tim Matthews will stretch you in your multisport goals.

We are offering an exclusive multisport programme to a small group, which will run alongside our full Samos resort programme. The brilliant Richmond team will continue to do what they do best and host an excellent RYA Sailing Centre, plan beautiful guided walks, lead gorgeous excursions to see the beautiful island of Samos, and so much more. But for those looking to really break a sweat whilst on the island, there will be a brilliantly crafted programme available, led by Matthew and Tim.

Matthew Brearley, who is an accomplished athlete having represented Team GB in Triathlons and Duathlons, has created a week to challenge you and take you forwards in your multisport journey. Tim Matthews leads a church in Bournemouth and has a passion for the benefits that the great outdoors and physical training has on our spiritual lives and wellbeing. This duo will lead you on a week of early morning mobilisation sessions, endurance mixed sports adventures, one to one personal coaching and even a climb of the tallest mountain in the Aegean!

We recognise that everyone will have a slightly different entry level and will have different aims for the week. We recommend that you read through the FAQs we’ve put together to help you decide if this is the right programme for you as there are recommended levels of fitness we will be aiming the multisport programme at.

We believe that if you’re looking for a small group experience, support in reaching your multisport goals, and coaching in a fun and beautiful setting, this might be just the programme for you.

All of our normal fantastic activities, along with the pastoral care and teaching from our resort ministry leaders, Iain and Michelle, will still be available. This means that if your friends don’t want to book this extra multisport programme but they like the sound of sailing in Greece, a wonderful community of guests and an energetic staff team running fun activities, this could be a great week for both of you!

Read through our FAQs and our example programme to find out more…

We are delighted to have a great team leading this programme for you. Our coaches are passionate and experienced. Hear more about who’ll you be coached through this week by:

Matthew Brearley

Matthew is based on the South Coast. Since finishing full time corporate life a couple of years ago, he now runs a small leadership consultancy, an NGO in the slums of Kampala (Uganda) and is a Trustee at Lovechurch Bournemouth. Matthew has a love of sports, adventures and the great outdoors. He has represented Team GB in Triathlon & Duathlon (Olympic & Sprint distances). He has over 20 years of experience competing in multi-sport, adventure and endurance events – from marathons to Ironman and crazy bike tours! Matthew loves to share his experience and passion for these sports with others. He believes that it should be fun and enjoyed with a smile on your face! Away from sport, he’s married to Nicola and has three grown-up children (Anna, Laura and James). Not forgetting top dog and training partner Gus! He’s a Saints fan (Southampton FC) and splits his time between his home in Milford on Sea, Uganda and wherever travels and adventures may take him.

Tim Matthews

Tim and Debi Matthews - square

Tim is the Vicar at LOVECHURCH Bournemouth, where he lives close to the beach with his wife, Debi, three children and over-enthusiastic dog. He’s a keen environmentalist. Adventure and endurance sports help him to enjoy creation, connect to God, and keep fit. He has competed in multiple Triathlons and last year completed – just! – his first Half Ironman. He believes that physical training greatly benefits our spiritual lives and wellbeing, and that good relationships are crucial to success in life. He’s a fan of friendships, laughter, cake and Tottenham Hotspur FC. Tim has written a book entitled, “LOVECHURCH: Join the Adventure of Hope”.

We recognise that everyone will have a slightly different entry level, and have different aims for the week. Matthew and Tim will work with you before and during the holiday to clarify your goals and progress. We recommend a good entry level of fitness that will enable you to stay with the main group during activities. As a guide, you should be comfortable swimming 500m front crawl, cycling for 90+ mins @ 23+km/hour (15mph) on a road bike and running 5K (3 miles) in less than 28mins.

Of course! Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] and one of them will arrange to give you a call. Don’t worry if one of the requirements above is a challenge for you, we’ll always try and accommodate. Please just ask.

Our primary aim is to have a safe, fun time together where you will be able keep active and have some memorable adventures in the beautiful setting of Samos. You’ll make some new friends within a positive atmosphere where sweat and exertion will be in direct proportion to smiles and laughter! So come prepared to be encouraged and to encourage others. We do hope you’ll want to learn new knowledge and skills and stretch your level of performance. But this certainly isn’t a tough “boot camp” where you’ll get shouted at. So how hard it is will be entirely up to you – we’re here to guide, coach and support your desire to leave fitter, faster and happier than you arrived!

The Richmond resort is well equipped with the basics, including a fabulous waterfront with swim marks and rescue cover. Additionally, there are great circular running routes from the resort. We’ll be using the Richmond mountain and gravel bikes for our rides, which will include road and trail sections. These are all flat bar bikes, and standard flat pedals. If you would like to bring your own bike, we’d welcome this, however, sports equipment needs to be booked onto your flights in advance. Therefore, if you’re taking sports equipment with you, please contact your airline to pre-book it onto your flight.

There is also an opportunity to rent high-end bikes locally. John’s Rentals are able to deliver to resort for your arrival.

Some of our offsite runs and rides will involve swim stops (as well as plenty of cafes!) as we explore the island. So we will issue a kit list for you to bring – meaning you can relax, knowing you’re bringing with you everything you’ll need.

We’ll mix it up to alternate longer aerobic days out with shorter/structured days closer to base. We’ll typically start with a short early morning session close to our wonderful hotel before breakfast. After our breakfast has gone down we’ll head offsite for either longer sessions exploring other wonderful swim, run and bike opportunities that the island has to offer, or structured training/technique sessions close to the hotel. We’ll mix up either lunch out or back at Mykali Bay. Most afternoons will be yours to enjoy – although we’ll offer one-to-one sessions with Matthew on all aspects of sport and fitness, or with Tim on your spiritual life, wellbeing, attitude and core relationships. Evenings are for relaxing and socialising.

Absolutely! You’re free to access these at normal times and will have plenty of opportunity to do so in the afternoons especially.
No! Everyone’s welcome from all faiths or none and there’s no pressure to engage with the spiritual aspects of the programme.

Example Itinerary

This example timetable runs through some of the highlights for those booked on to the Multisport Adventure programme on the week of 08 June 2023. There will be all of our usual activities in resort for you to enjoy, including a full RYA Sailing Centre, fun activities sessions, guided walks and excursions to see the beautiful island of Samos. But just for those booking into our exclusive multisport programme, here is what you can expect:

Day 1


18:30 Welcome meeting on the terrace- an introduction to resort, followed by an introduction to the Multisport Adventure Programme
21:00 Join us for a drink on the terrace

Day 2


Early Morning: Mobilisation and Activation Session
Morning: Waterfront briefing, bike briefing and multisport safety briefings
Bike – Swim – Bike (45km, 1080ft elevation, Mountain Bike Route)
Afternoon: Personal Coaching Sessions

Day 3


Early Morning: Core Strength Session
Morning: Adventure Swim – Run 
Afternoon: Personal Coaching Sessions

Day 4


Early Morning: Mobilisation and Hill Repeats Session
Mid-Morning: Bike Session
Afternoon: Personal Coaching Sessions

Day 5


Early Breakfast
All day Adventure: Bike – Mountain Climb – Bike
(cycle to and climb the highest mountain in the Aegean!)
Evening: Personal Coaching Sessions

Day 6


Early Morning: Sunrise Paddleboard
– Mobilisation and Run Intervals
– Transition set up and practice
Afternoon: Personal Coaching Sessions

Day 7


Early Breakfast
Morning: Multisport Adventure Event! (swin – bike – run)
Afternoon: Personal Coaching Sessions

Day 8


Early Morning: Mobilisation and Stretch Out Session

Multi Sport Programme Supplement

£ 149 *Supplement applied on top of standard holiday cost
  • Bike Equipment Included
  • Personal Coaching Session
  • ex-Team GB Triathlete Matthew Brearley
  • Combined Spiritual and Physical training
  • Limited Space Programme