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Trevor Gribben

Trevor Gribben

23 Jul 2020


6 Aug 2020

Trevor was born in Tandragee a small town in rural Northern Ireland. A life-long Arsenal supporter, he just about remembers the glorious Double Year of 1971, an event equalled only by the glorious double of 2008 – achieved by Arsenal Ladies!

Trevor is a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, currently serving as Deputy Clerk of the General Assembly – a senior all-Ireland leadership role in his denomination. Until March 2008 he was Minister of a large suburban congregation on the outskirts of Belfast, where he sought to develop a relevant expository ministry, bringing the unchanging Word of God to an increasingly post-modern world. Trevor has previously been involved in youth ministry as well as a number of inner-city outreach and reconciliation projects.

An avid John Grisham fan, Richmond guests will often find him in a quiet corner untangling the latest courtroom drama as he sips, a glass of his favourite Samos Nectar. In the summer season guests may also be able to get a fleeting glimpse of him zipping along the water in his twin-hulled yellow racing catamaran, sometimes known as a Fun-boat. Trevor has long been acknowledged as the foremost Irish Presbyterian Ministry Leading Fun-boat Sailor – a sporting accolade he is justifiably proud of!

Ever amazed by the wondrous saving and sustaining grace of God, a favourite hymn of Trevor’s is ‘In Christ Alone’. The opening verses of Isaiah 43 mean a great deal to Trevor – the reason why, he will invariably share with those who are with him when he leads ministry on a Richmond holiday.


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