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Trevor Gribben

Trevor Gribben

23 Jul 2020


6 Aug 2020

Trevor was born in Tandragee a small town in rural Northern Ireland. A life-long Arsenal supporter, he just about remembers the glorious Double Year of 1971 ! Trevor is a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, currently serving as Clerk of the General Assembly and General Secretary– the senior all-Ireland leadership role in his denomination. Until March 2008 he was Minister of a large suburban congregation on the outskirts of Belfast, where he sought to develop a relevant expository ministry, bringing the unchanging Word of God to an increasingly postmodern world. He still preaches most weeks in Churches of all sizes, north and south of the island of Ireland. Trevor has previously been involved in a number of inner-city outreach and reconciliation projects as well as being very active in youth ministry – though with advancing age he is now slowing down a bit!

An avid John Grisham fan, Richmond guests will often find him in a quiet corner untangling the latest courtroom drama as he sips, a glass of his favourite Samos Nectar. Guests may also be able to get a fleeting glimpse of him zipping along the water in his twin-hulled yellow racing catamaran, sometimes known as a Fun-boat. Trevor has long been acknowledged as the foremost Irish Presbyterian Ministry Leading Fun-boat Sailor – a small field, but still a sporting accolade he is justifiably proud of!
Ever amazed by the wondrous saving and sustaining grace of God, a favourite hymn of Trevor’s is ‘In Christ Alone’. The opening verses of Isaiah 43 mean a great deal to him – the reason why, he will invariably share with those who are with him when he leads ministry on a Richmond holiday. Trevor has been involved in leading ministry with Richmond since the beginning of the Company and retains an ongoing passion for that ministry both to guests and staff.


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