Ministry Leaders

Michelle and Iain Every

26 May 2022


16 Jun 2022

Michelle and Iain have been married for 30 years, have 5 children, and have recently become grandparents.

Iain is a writer and part-time carer for their youngest daughter. He has a pastoral heart, enjoying teaching and encouraging. He is also a walker and artisan bread-maker.

Michelle is a self-employed doula and on the leadership team of a doula training company. Michelle is a mentor and facilitator, skilled in holding space and offering both emotional and practical support. She is known for her caring honesty and availability to listen in moments of intensity. She loves swimming in the sea and hula-hooping.

Michelle and Iain’s four eldest children are now in their twenties with their fifth baby dying in pregnancy 19 years ago; they are passionate about supporting others who have experienced baby loss. Their faith is central to everything that they are and do – being loved to then love others. They have led worship, facilitated retreats, preached, created and led workshops on silence, solitude and listening prayer at different churches, organisations and communities over years. They love silence and prayer, offering hospitality, listening to people’s stories and helping them to connect to God.