Ministry Leaders

Mark Simmons

23 May 2024


6 Jun 2024

Mark grew up in Oldham, Lancashire and became a Christian at 14. In 1982, he joined the Saltmine Trust using music and preaching to share the gospel in churches, schools, and conferences in the UK and overseas. In 1996, Mark moved down to London to train for Baptist Ministry at Spurgeon’s College. Four years later, he became the Pastor of Selly Park Baptist Church in South Birmingham, where he ministered there until his retirement in August 2023. Mark now lives in Lancaster and is is involved in a local church and serves the North West Baptist Association through his work as a moderator.

Mark loves sport, music, travel and food and he says that if he can incorporate any of these into his ministry then he’s a happy man!

Mark single, with 7 nieces 1 nephew, 11 great nephews and 2 great nieces (at the last count!) His claim to fame is that his God-daughter’s brother’s God father’s wife is Princess Anne!