Ministry Leaders

David Gordon-Watkins

1 Feb 2020


8 Feb 2020

David has enjoyed a long association with Richmond, being brought on board by Ben Turner, the previous MD. David explored a variety of employment opportunities before settling into a 25-year career as a Broker in the London money market.

Different forms of sport have always topped David’s list of hobbies, although 5 years service with the Royal Naval Reserve and sea time in a Coastal minesweeper, were a welcome distraction.

Coming to a living faith in God of the Bible midway through his city career, David attended the Cornhill training course and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford before pursuing an itinerant preaching ministry both at home and overseas.

Jesus’ parable, about the Two Sons recorded in Luke 15 has long been a favourite, and Psalm 119:11 and Galatians 2:20 are much-loved verses.

David is married and has four sons and two grandchildren.