Ministry Leaders

Chris & Claire Moy

11 Jan 2020


25 Jan 2020

Chris and Claire have been married for 33 years and have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. 

Chris became a Christian in 1982 at St. Helens, Bishopsgate and since they have been active members of Frinton Free Church.

Chris and Claire both regularly play in the worship band where Claire sings and leads and Chris plays the cello.

Chris also leads a weekly House group Bible studies, and together have both led youth work.

Chris has taught history for 40 years and was director of the 6th form College for the last 20. During that time he led the school ski trips and taught sailing and windsurfing. Claire is an ex- Physiotherapist and NHS manager and accompanied Chris on all the ski trips as the chief medic. She also organises the successful CO13 Gospel Voices choir and leads one of the groups in the Frinton summer mission.