Ministry Leaders

Simon Farmer

18 Feb 2023


25 Feb 2023

Simon Farmer is married to Rachel and they have 3 children (including Georgie who did a Richmond Gap year and Tom a watersports instructor in Samos) plus 3 very little people – grandchildren.

Simon has loved being an army chaplain for 27 years including in Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. He has also worked across Africa for a number of years and has been a Director with Mission Direct taking teams of people to some of the poorest parts of the world. He now has Permission to Officiate within the Anglican church in South Devon where they live.

Rachel is a Communications Consultant with Scripture Union International and a writer.

They both love to ski and sail yachts in their spare time. They have been fans of Richmond for many years and look forward to meeting and being alongside all that are staying at Chalet Des Neiges!