ReTreat Week


ReTreat Week is an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, restorative time with God through reflection, prayer and worship in the beauty of creation.

Set at a slower pace than other weeks, ReTreat gives you the opportunity to slow down, relax, realign and escape the busy pace of life. 

Times of prayer, musical worship, reflective devotions and space for reading and conversations help to provide a framework to the week. Combined with times of teaching and set in the beautiful Samos scenery, this week is designed so that you can take stock and allow God to take the helm of your life once again.

As the sun rises over the distant mountains, the peaceful lapping of the waves on the Samos shoreline is the gentle accompaniment to start the day in prayer on the beach.

During the day, there will be a variety of entirely optional “touch points” to help guide you through the week and connect with God. That could be in the form of a simple verse to reflect on each day, a prayer walk, times of sung worship, creative opportunities to pour out your heart to God in writing and art and much more. 

James and Melanie, your Ministry Leaders, will be on hand throughout the week to chat and pray with and our Christian staff team are there to help you have a relaxing, refreshing and restorative week away.

Your ReTreat Leaders 
James Bright

Having led Ministry with Richmond for a number of years, we established this week with Richmond in 2017. A holiday is often seen as an escape from life's busyness but we invite you to journey deeper with us this week as we explore different aspects of the Christian faith and give this time to God. Some of this will be in the form of structured teaching sessions and at other times we may just create space for you to listen to and dwell with God.

- James & Melanie