ReFocus Week

30 JUNE 2022 - Spending Time with Jesus at the Festivals

ReFocus is an opportunity to enjoy restorative time with God through teaching, reflection, prayer and worship.

In addition to our times of ministry that are available on every Richmond holiday, there will be additional opportunities for teaching and worship in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Relax and enjoy prayer and praise on the beach, prayer walks giving time to our loving Father, fellowship during group ministry and inspirational times of sung worship.

Using the Jewish festivals as a ‘framework’ for teaching, we will have very natural ‘see, touch, taste, smell’ opportunities, which can be a fun and stimulating way of thinking about Jesus.

Under the title: Spending Time with Jesus at the Festivals, we will spend time learning, reflecting and praying.

In the Bible we read about people celebrating their faith through festivals; these festivals were also a big part of Jesus’ life. During this week we will take the opportunity to get away from the day-to-day and look to meet Jesus and see our challenges in a fresh way.

This week offers the chance to;

  • Experience the Bible truth in a fresh way in the natural beauty of Samos
  • Leave behind the busyness of the everyday and get refreshed and rested for the time ahead
  • Prayerful reflection to create opportunity for new insight and direction
  • Meet new friends and share stories about life
  • Gain more momentum in our faith journey
  • Shake off some of the things that entangle us and put some markers down for what comes next
  • Be encouraged to have a faith that is purposeful, relevant and life-changing
Your ReTreat Leaders 
James Bright

Having led Ministry with Richmond for a number of years, we established this week with Richmond in 2017. A holiday is often seen as an escape from life's busyness but we invite you to journey deeper with us this week as we explore different aspects of the Christian faith and give this time to God. Some of this will be in the form of structured teaching sessions and at other times we may just create space for you to listen to and dwell with God.

- James & Melanie