ReCreate Week

16 JUNE 2022

Unleash your artistic side this summer! Improve and fine tune your painting, photography skills during our ReCreate week at our Samos resort.

The inspirational colour and scenery of our Samos resort provides the perfect setting to get those creative juices flowing! This week is designed to be a relaxed, easy way to try out a new skill or enjoy an existing hobby in good company and with a friendly and knowledgeable leader who is there to help you perfect your creative skills 

What you can expect 

  • Painting – Develop your painting skills while taking in the vibrant colours and stunning landscapes, with a focus will be on watercolours.
  • Sketching – Capture landscapes and life drawings with just a set of pencils and a sketch pad.
  • Photography – Whether you own a camera-phone or DSLR, we will teach you the basics of how to compose beautiful photos.

Just to note… You will need to bring equipment and supplies for the sessions you want to be involved with. If you would like some guidance please do contact the office.

Your ReCreate leader 

Tim Turton has led our ReCreate weeks for the past two years and we are delighted that he will be returning to Samos in 2020 to lead ReCreate Week. You are welcome to join in with Tim’s sessions or enjoy spending time doing your creative hobby in the beautiful island of Samos with like-minded people around you.

Tim is an excellent teacher and loves to share his passion for drawing, painting and photography. 

Tim Turton ReCreate Intro
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I paint and record the things I love, it's people and places - horses, dancers, the fells in Cumbria, wonderful Snowdonia, the spectacular Pembrokeshire coastline and the beautiful county of Gloucestershire where I live. I continuously draw and make colour sketches from life and endeavour to produce something that is a response to a place and moment - partly from memory and partly from sketches that I make on location.

- Tim Turton